COVID-19 Policies

Boarding Arrival & Departure Procedure

New Safety Protocols for All Staff & Clients
  1. All Staff members & Clients will be required to wear a mask while on the property grounds.

  2. We will no longer have clients entering our buildings. Instead, you will be using the East gate at the boarding facility (by the restroom) to let your dog into the fenced, secured area once our staff member greets you at a safe distance.

  3. We are now accepting bedding!  Please provide a comfy bed or raised bed to keep your pup off of the hard cement floor in the kennel.  We can not accept any oversized or bedding that does not have a removable top (in case it must be washed). We will provide your pup with comfy bedding or a raised cot.

  4. Please provide a hard plastic waterproof container for your dog food, meds & supplements. Canned food, treats & a toy must be inside the container. All items must be clearly marked with your dogs name & your last name (including toys, canned food & treats). Please do not bring measuring cups or bowls. We will be disinfecting the outside of the container prior to bringing it into our facility so it must be sealable & have a secure lid so that water does not seep into your food. There will be a drop off area for your bin in front of the facility, on the sidewalk.

  5. We now have a PSFD Member Portal for ease & convenience! If you haven't logged into your account, please login as an existing client. You will need to sign the PSFD waivers & add a credit card. Some of the info was transferred incorrectly so we need your help! Also verify your pups info is correct, upload vaccination records & you can now add all of your food, medication information & any important notes for our staff prior to arrival. This must be done prior to your stay because we will no longer have paperwork for you to complete & sign. We are no longer accepting checks so please save your credit card on file for easy departure at check out. None of your credit card information was transferred. If you have any problems or questions with the portal please contact me & I will be happy to assist!

Daycare/Screening Arrival & Departure Procedures

New Safety Protocols for All Staff & Clients
  1. All Staff members & Clients will be required to wear a mask while on the property grounds.

  2. The best way for all of the staff & clients to stay at least 6 feet apart is for dog hand-offs to take place in the fenced holding area.

  3. Please make sure that your dog is on leash when arriving & departing. It takes 1 bunny for your dog to chase & run out towards the highway.

  4. Take your own leash & buckle collar off & take it with you. We no longer want to keep your collar & lead in the facility. 

  5. Please don't leave the gate until your pup is let in to avoid any type of an escape. Dogs are smart & can open gates quickly. 

  6. The staff will be on the pad ready to let your pup in & send your pup home. 

  7. Please be patient & wait for 1 client to leave prior to bringing your pup to the gate. 

  8. This may make for longer wait times during arrival & departures & we absolutely appreciate your patience.

Obedience Group Classes

Building Location Change & Safety Protocols
  1. All Obedience group classes will now be held inside at our large Agility Arena.  Parking for this facility is located on the East side of the arena. Continue down the driveway past the house to access the arena.  The entry door is also located on the East side.  There will be another door to enter the training area.

  2. All attendees will be required to wear a mask at all times when arriving at our facility.  

  3. Please bring your own chair if you are planning to bring another training partner.  

  4. We are asking that a maximum of 2 people from a family attend at this time.

Thank you so very much for your understanding & patience for these changes! We are looking forward to seeing your pup(s) in the near future!


Liz Blasio & PSFD Staff